Creating The Room You Want To Die In

They say that we all have the perfect spot we go to when we need to get away from the world.  In many cultures it is considered to be the room you want to die in.  When creating rooms that we love we first need to look at what our options are.  For many, luxury vinyl plank in salt lake city ut is a great place to start.

The flow

luxury vinyl plank in salt lake city ut

What is the flow of the room?  Each room in your home has a specific energy and vibe to it.  This is why we start to have a connection to a house or a specific space in the house.  They say that a house is a live and we live within it.  The energy that we release will make the house more inviting or will turn it away.


You want to focus on colors in your home.  Colors also release energy and vibes.  For most homes we start off with white.  This is a simple color and goes with everything.  From there we start to look at the rooms, lighting and flow. The floors, molding and more all set the tone for more colors to work off of each other. 

When picking colors, stay simple.  Don’t go too bold, at first anyways.  You want to see what speaks to you and what doesn’t.  You will also want to use high quality paint so that they work well on the walls.  Make sure that you protect your floors as well when painting.  You don’t want to have to replace or repair them after your paint job.


The room will finally come to life when you start adding furniture and accessories to the room.  These will start to take up the space and will begin to breathe life into the room you want to die in.

What Gets Added To The Sunroom

What gets added to your new sunroom is really entirely up to you. But this is usually how sunroom additions in Springdale AR are usually done. There tends to be a focus on the technical and the organics. But the luxury and the beauty is never far away. The brightness of the sun is always welcome. But there comes a time when it is altogether just too much. So up go the blinds. But behind the blinds are still the windows.   

But not just any windows, mind you. How about insulating windows then? What it does is this. It is able to filter the sun’s strongest UV rays and contributes towards providing the sunroom with natural warmth. But for an additional small fee, the property owner could still have the windows tinted. This provides the room with more than enough shade, but the addition is probably not a practical option. Otherwise it defeats the purpose of having a sunroom in the first place.

sunroom additions in Springdale AR

Because what you want to achieve is the experience of feeling the warmth of the sun on your limbs. You actually want to see the outdoor brightness as well. So up go the blinds then. The summer months are probably good to place a removable screen. It serves two purposes. It is not just a sunscreen. It is a screen against all else. It acts as a blocker against insects from the garden area that may wish to crawl and fly through the window if given half the chance.

And of course, you would still wish to be afforded the luxury of being able to open your sunroom’s windows every now and then when the evening breeze out there is rather cool and pleasant, particularly for the summer months.